We do not offer any slight or bulk discount. If you think our price is not reasonable or affordable, our services are not suitable for you.

For those who like filing a dispute: If your payment method had any dispute above once (number of dispute 1), your payment will be declined. We assume you are a difficult customer, and any card related to your name and emails will be also declined. We will also check this manually. If we find this situation, we will cancel your order without notice. We would rether lose a chance to have business with you than have any dispute records. 

Numerica Credit Union is on our company’s blacklist. Card number starting with – 428791, 478820, 420502, 498863, 440941, 409551, 469457 will be declined.

If you are looking for AVIS lifetime Presidents Club status, please reach out to us at service@loyaltyworld.ca with title “More Details on AVIS Lifetime Presidents Club Status Upgrade”