National Emerald Club Executive Elite Status Upgrade thru 02/28/2026

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CA $49.00 / yearCA $299.00



Your account will automatically advance to Emerald Club Executive Elite status thru 02/28/2026. Why spend houndreds to buy a National Emerald Club Executive Elite Status for just 12 months on eBay or anywhere else.

How to upgrade to National’s Emerald Club Executive Elite
Please provide us with your account login combination to proceed your upgrade. It takes about an hour to complete the upgrade. You can set a temporary password and change back after Executive Elite is reflected on your account.

*Through our this National EE upgrade service, you will not lose the only chance to request a status match in the future. Or you can come to us to get upgraded to National EE again once your status is expired.

There are three plans you can choose, and conparasion as below

Option 1: first 4 year costs CA$298, 5th and 6th year CA$198
Option 2: first 4 year costs CA$296, 5th and 6th year CA$98
Option 3: no matter which year comes, CA$299 without any extra fee

National’s Emerald Club Executive Elite

• Reserve a mid-size to get access to Emerald Aisle.
• Guaranteed upgrade: reserve and pay for a mid-size, drive away in a vehicle in a higher class
• To maintain Executive Elite status, member must meet the standard qualifications of 25 or more rentals or 85 or more rental days during the full calendar year 2025.

• Faster rentals by bypassing the counter.
• To choose your own car. Don’t waste time looking for your assigned car.
• Faster returns with Drop & Go. With e-receipts, there is no need to wait for an agent to give you a receipt.
• No second-driver fees
• Reward choices. Select from Free Rental Days**, frequent-flyer miles or hotel rewards.
• Special offers. Receive members-only discounts and offers through our periodic emails.

**Free Rental Day covers base rate (Time and Mileage) only.

You also can get matched to Sixt Platinum Card




1 review for National Emerald Club Executive Elite Status Upgrade thru 02/28/2026

  1. Mahabee (Verified purchase)

    Honestly I was a little skeptical at first, I decided to give this upgrade a try because of the risk/reward factor. I’m blown away at the fast response and service… I signed up today 06/07/21 and within less than an hour my account was upgraded with no issues at all. Thanks Loyalty World! I’m going to process another upgrade for another product tomorrow.

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