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Thank you for our buyers’ support. We have been selling Alaska Airlines Gold Guest Upgrade Certs since 2019 and have sold over 300+ on all platform. We regret to inform our buyer that we will not be offering Alaska Airlines Gold Guest Upgrade Certs since 2023.

Being upgraded to a better seat is a good start when you travel. We are offering Alaska Airlines Gold Guest Upgrade Certificates to enhance your travel experience.

Tips: Book a refundable fare class and apply a GGU to it. Then cancel your reservation, and call AS for a GGU replacement (We will provide you with all account holder’s personal information). The GGU will be returned to our original account and extended another year. Once we receive the replacement GGU, we will send it to you ASAP.

What is Gold Guest Upgrade Certificates?
These certificates can be used to instantly upgrade friends or family members who are not traveling with you, or to upgrade yourself on fares that don’t qualify for instant awards.

How to purchase?
Once you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email with the certificate in the next 10 minutes automatically.

Your code will be sent to your email address in the next 10 minutes with your order confirmation automatically after placing an order.

Alaska Airlines Gold Guest Upgrade Certificates Questions

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[su_spoiler title=”How to use this certificates to get upgraded to a First Class seat?”]

Alaska also makes it easy to search for first class upgrade inventory directly on its website, even allowing you to select which form of upgrade you plan to redeem. You’ll then see either a dark blue F indicating there is upgrade inventory or a white F indicating there’s none available.

How to apply gold guest certificate to your search

In this case the first flight on the list would have booked into the “K” fare class if you selected “first class upgrade.” Since this fare code isn’t normally eligible for instant elite upgrades to first class, redeeming a Gold Guest upgrade would be the way to go to guarantee you get that seat in the front of the plane.

If your friends or family members are interested in experiencing Alaska first class, you can simply share the unique, 24-digit upgrade codes with them. As long as U inventory is available on their flights, they should be able to pull up their reservation and find the MVP Gold guest upgrade link, as TPG Editor Nick Ewen was able to do for his wife earlier this year on a trip to Portland, OR.

how to apply gold guest certificate to your itinerary


[su_spoiler title=”Gold Guest Upgrade Rule”]

  • Guest upgrades are valid on Alaska Airlines flight numbers 001 – 2999, 3300-3499.
  • Flights must be marketed and ticketed by Alaska Airlines
  • Guest upgrades are booked into “U” class of service and are subject to availability as “U” class may not be available on all flights.
  • Not all flights have a First Class cabin.
  • “U” class must be available at the time of the request, as guest upgrades may not utilize the upgrade waitlist. When purchasing, choose a flight with a First Class upgrade available icon next to it. The First Class upgrade available icon is a dark blue square box with a white F. The First Class upgrade not available icon is a white box with a dark blue outline and dark blue F
  • Tickets purchased in G, T, R, or X classes of service are not eligible for guest upgrades (please select “MVP® Gold guest” from the “Upgrade type” list when shopping at to view eligible fares for your itinerary. You can also select “MVP® Gold guest upgrade” in the filter results on the “Available flights” page.)
  • MVP® Gold guest upgrades are not available when traveling on an award ticket, including the Money & Miles award.
  • Each guest upgrade code is valid for one-way travel for one person. Connecting flights must have no more than a 4-hour stopover between them.
  • Guest upgrades may not be used as a placeholder for a complimentary upgrade by an elite level member. Once a guest upgrade has been processed, you may not remove it in order to be placed on the upgrade waitlist, or receive a complimentary upgrade based on elite level.
  • Guest upgrades are transferable but may not be bartered, bought, sold.
  • If a flight upgraded with a guest upgrade is changed or canceled, the upgrade is forfeited. A replacement guest upgrade code can be requested through customer care only by the MVP® Gold to whom it was originally issued.
  • Passengers traveling on an upgraded ticket do not have complimentary access to the Alaska Airlines airport lounges.

*We only sell the Upgrade certificate, and we are not providing any schedule/ itinerary consulting or rule of use. If you are not sure how to use, please find full details of the rule of use or T&C on the Alaska Airlines website.

If you are not sure whether your itinerary is eligible to use the upgrade certificate, please call Alaska cuscare and speak to a representative.



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