American Airlines 120-Day Platinum Pro Status Challenge 2024

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The American Airline’s AAdvantage program status challenge is finally back.

This is how Instant Pass works:

Enjoy instant AAdvantage status. Earn Loyalty Points whenever you fly or earn eligible AAdvantage miles with their partners. Meet the Loyalty Point goals every 4 months to keep status and move on to the next phase.

Loyalty Points earned during the first 4 months will determine status benefits for the next 4 months.

*10,000 – AAdvantage Gold®
*25,000 – AAdvantage Platinum®
*42,000 – AAdvantage Platinum Pro®
*67,000 – AAdvantage Executive Platinum®

The Instant Status Pass has 3 phases. Each phrase of the Instant Status Pass is four months in length. You must meet these Loyalty
Point goals every 4 months to keep status and move on to the next phase. But here you are registered Executive Platinum for your first period, and you need to earn 67,000 Loyalty Points during all of the 3 phases.

If you complete the requirement for all 3 phases, your Platinum Pro status will be extended for another year. If you are in any Instant Status Pass rpomotion now, you need to wait until it's finished in order to enroll your account in a new Instant Status Pass promotion.

Processing time:  This normally takes around 3-5 business days.

Full details of the benefits of AAdvantage Platinum Pro member status can be found on the American Airlines website.


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