SLH Invited Indulged Status Upgrade Valid for 1 Year

CA $149.00



If your payment method had any dispute above once (number of dispute > 1), your payment will be declined. We assume you are a difficult customer, and any card related to your name and emails will be also declined as well. We will also check this manually. If we find this situation, we will cancel your order without notice. We would rether lose a chance to have business with you than have any dispute records. 

SLH is not a chain of hotels, rather it is a marketing alliance, where luxury, boutique hotels join and subject to meeting ongoing standards (there are 750 criteria measured every year by 100 mystery inspectors) are able to participate in the marketing and loyalty systems of SLH.

We are offering a direct upgrade to the Top elite tier of its loyalty program – Indulged which is valid for one year from the day of enrollment.

Processing time: within 24 hours

What we need from you?
Option 1: Your login combination
– Email address
– Account password (you can set a temporary password, and change back when the upgrade is done.)

Benefits of SLH Inspired Membership:

**Excludes Reward night voucher unless a member meets qualifying criteria: 6+ Qualifying Stays or an annual spend of $6,000 USD through the SLH Reservation Channels within a twelve (12)-month period


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