Free Instant Sixt Platinum Status 2024

Instant Sixt Platinum Status

The easiest way in 2024, you do not even need to provide any proof of evidence.

Simply click through this link or this page or this page and log in your account. An instant Sixt Platinum status will be shown in your account right away.

The way we introduced in 2023 is still working to get instant Sixt Platinum status

Sixt is offering a status for a long time. But now it’s much easier to get a instant status match. You do not need to fill out a registration form but log in your Sixt account and provide with credentials they asked, and then you can see an instant Sixt Platinum status booking profile added onto your account.

If you have read our previous post (Complimentary AVIS President’s Club Status for MEA Menbers (Middle East, Europe, Asia)), you can easily get President’s Club status with AVIS. Taking advantage of it to get Sixt Platinum now!

Simply visit this page, and log in your Sixt online account. You can see a dropdown menu then choose “Avis President’s Club” with a screenshot of your Avis account overview either from official app or website. After clicking next, you will see a new Sixt Platinum booking profile added onto your account.

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