Welcome to Loyalty World Shop! We proudly provide lots of good upgrade services than any other sellers on eBay.

But why we left eBay to choose another platform starting from zero? This is because few sellers play small tricks on eBay to force their competitiors to leave eBay. So there will be a oligopoly market for those sellers to sell upgrades. That’s why you can find that fewer and fewer upgrade services are on eBay and those services SUCK!

Here, we can provide good services and we are more professional than any other sellers on the market. Also, without the 10% eBay final value fee which is significantly high we can offer our customers a reasonalable price. 

Thank you and have a good day ahead.

Loyalty World

So sweet of this customer. 

05/06/2023 afterthought

Even though our site looks like a scam, but all of us behind the site are simple, trustful people. Our purpose is very simple which helps every person who likes traveling to enhance his/her travel experience. It’s been 4 years since we created this site.  We will still keep our shop looks like a same, hope every buyer keeps supporting us. 


Loyalty World Shop Team