American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum Status Challenge


American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum Status Challenge




American Airlines Executive Platinum Status Challenge

You are purchasing a 90 day trial AAdvantage Executive Platinum status. During this trial period, AA challenge you to meet the following requirements to retain your status:

– Earn a minimum of $5,000 elite qualifying dollars (EQDs)


– Fly 35,000 elite qualifying miles (EQMs) OR 40 elite qualifying segments (EQSs) on AA, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Qantas or Japan Airlines.

If you successfully meet these requirements during your trial 3-month period, AA will extend your Executive Platinum membership through January 31, 2022 and deposit four (4) one-way Systemwide Upgrades into your account.

Once you have purchased the item, please click here to send an email to us with the followings:
– First Name:
– Last Name:
– AAdvantage member number:

Processing time:  This normally takes in 1 to 2 business days.

Full details of the benefits of AAdvantage Executive Platinum member status can be found on the American Airlines website.


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