How to Upgrade to First Class on Alaska Airlines

Want an upgrade on Alaska Airlines? Let’s dive right in and find out how to do it.

Types of Alaska Airlines Upgrades

Complimentary Upgrade

  • First Class Upgrades – Elite members receive unlimited complimentary upgrades to first class in order of elite status
  • Fare Class Upgrades – Elite members are eligible for immediate upgrades into Premium Class when purchasing qualifying fares, provided space is available
  • Premium Class Upgrades – Elite members receive unlimited complimentary upgrades to Premium Class in order of elite status
  • Companion Upgrades – Certain elite members can upgrade 1 companion traveling with them
  • Guest Upgrades – Certain elite members receive guest upgrade certificates each year, which can be used when guests are not traveling with the elite member

    Do you need a Gold Guest Upgrade certificate? Please access here to purchase if you need one. Price is starting from $30 per certificate.

Please note that passengers traveling on an upgraded ticket do not have complimentary access to the Alaska Airlines airport lounges. We are offering Alaska Lounge access codes at $15, please visit our shop for more information.

  • First Class Upgrades – All travelers may purchase first class upgrades based on availability at 24 hours prior to departure

Upgrades With Miles

  • First Class Upgrades – All travelers may purchase first class upgrades with miles when purchasing their ticket or on an existing reservation (based on availability)

Alaska Upgrade Priority: Who Gets the Upgrade First?

The Importance of Elite Status

Upgrades are the most treasured benefit an airline can bestow, so it’s no wonder airlines reserve upgrades for their best customers.

Alaska Airlines is no different, and it distributes its complimentary upgrades in order of elite status hierarchy from highest to lowest.

There are 3 levels of elite status in their Mileage Plan frequent flyer program:

We are offering upgrade service for all the elite statuses of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. Please visit our shop for more information.

Here’s how upgrades are distributed among the elites:

MVP MVP Gold MVP Gold 75K
First class upgrades at time of booking Y,S, or Z fares Y,S,B,M, or Z fares Y,S,B,M,H, or Z fares
Premium Class upgrades at time of booking Y,S,B, or Z fares Y,S,B,M,H,Q,L,B,N,K, or Z fares All fares
First and Premium Class upgrades on discounted fares 48 hours prior to departure 72 hours prior to departure 120 hours prior to departure
Companion upgrades to first class N/A Yes Yes
Companion upgrades to Premium Class N/A Yes Yes
4 one-way first class guest upgrades N/A Yes Yes

If a complimentary upgrade is not cleared immediately, elites will be put on a waitlist and cleared in order of elite status level, fare class, and time of waitlisting.

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