How to Get Hilton Honors Gold Status 2020

Hilton Honors Gold Status offers some decent benefits like free breakfast, late check-out, and even room upgrades but a lot of people might wonder whether or not it’s worth it to pursue obtaining Gold Status and if the perks will benefit their travels.

Here’s a look at all of the different Hilton Gold benefits and some insight to help you decide if it’s something you might benefit from.

What are the Hilton Gold Benefits?

• Complimentary breakfast for two
• Upgrades (subject to availability)
• Late check-out
• 80% bonus on base points
• Lounge access (when upgraded to lounge level rooms)
• 5th night free

How to get Hilton Honors Gold status

You can achieve Honors Gold Status the hard way or the easy way.

The hard way: hotel stays
The hard way is by physically staying in Hilton properties. Frequent business travelers aside, it may be difficult for the average traveler to achieve status with stays.

You’d have to meet the following criteria:
• 20 stays in a calendar year, or
• 40 nights in a calendar year, or
• 75,000 Honors Base Points in a calendar year

The easy way: credit cards or purchase
I highly recommend utilizing credit cards to obtain Hilton Honors Gold Status because it’s really easy to do.

However, if you do not want to go with this way. We also provide a direct upgrade service. please access this page for more. All you need to do is to pay for the 2 year Hilton Honors Gold and provide us with your Hilton Honors member number. We will take care of the rest.

Final way: status matches and challenges
You can also utilize status matches and challenges to earn Hilton Honors Gold status. These typically require you to have a certain level of status with another hotel loyalty program and proof that you’ve stayed with that hotel in the past year. You can request a status match challenge here.

After you show that, you’ll often be matched with a corresponding level of Hilton Honors status.

For example, IHG Platinum status will often earn you Hilton Honors Diamond status. Sometimes you’ll be able to keep that status without doing anything but other times you’ll need to book some Hilton stays in order to retain the status. For example, you might need to complete eight stays to hold on to your status.

Final Word
Hilton Gold benefits can consist of solid perks like complimentary breakfasts and potential upgrades (in addition to all of the other basic benefits). I like how easy it is to obtain the status and to maintain it over time and so it is one of my favorite middle tier statuses.

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